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After awhile pursuing my journey as a graphic design student on this foreign country, United State, it reminded me about the very first time I set foot on this alien world that I never knew before. But I believe this journey worth thousands of new experiences and memories. Far away from my family, friends and hometown is a jihad for me – sacrifice or struggle for something better – in gaining better education and new experience.



It is my dream to be here, my childhood dream. Hearing great stories from my parents and relatives make my eagerness to grow stronger day by day. I worked hard in everything I do – and still am. Against my weakness in order to improve myself, I struggle with my interest in order to gain something better.

Right here I am facing new challenges, to understand the society and environment here. Things become way easier when I really get to know the people of this great land. I was skeptic to be honest, but truth to be told the people here are very polite; love to greet people, ever hesitate to lend out a helping hand even though we merely know each other for five seconds. This healthy a society, make me feel very welcomed to this land and make me feel brave enough to ask question to them, explore new things and give opinions because they respect that. Learning about the society makes me adapt to the environment easily and comfortably.

Smeal College of Business

I was a science stream student before, so it was not easy for me in adapting with my major Graphic Design. I do have great interest in designing and inventing, which has drove me to take this major. Before this I dealt with the physics, biology chemistry and calculus but now I turned it around to explore the world of abstracts, arts, colors and typography. Exploring something new that you interested in is more challenging and exciting than pursuing in something that I have expertise in it but not a great interest about it. So here I am in Penn State, as a graphic design major, in a totally new phase of life.


I got my chance to be here as a sponsored students, I will value every single thing that I get and apply it for a good deeds, for society, the world and me. There are still along journey ahead and I hope that every step I take, are the step for betterment and benefits the society.

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