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Experience The New Adobe Photoshop CS5

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Adobe Photoshop is getting into the perfection when they introduce on the new Adobe Photoshop CS5. The new Adobe  have improve the previous Adobe Photoshop CS4 by adding new features and upgrading the tools.  It equipped with the new intelligent refinement tools technology, content aware fill, Superior HDR Imaging , puppet Wrap and greater excess to key resources via flexible custom panel. Adobe has simplified all it tools, so the user will feel free to move and edit their pictures.All these new features have taken the Adobe Photoshop CS5 into the perfection. It has the ultimate solution for graphic editing and digital imaging with the new tools for 3D and motion editing. Now, you don’ have to worry about the complicated way in putting your pictures in the Adobe Photoshop CS5 because you can just drag and drop!

Intelligent Refinement Tools Technology

Have you experience difficulty in select the pictures you want to crop or the pictures you want to removed? Adobe Photoshop CS5 wil definitely amazed you with the new refinement tools on the Selection tools option. With this refinement tools, you could easy select tricky image elements, such as hair and rough edge. The refinement tools will automatically define the edge and perfect mask. So right now, you have shorten your time in cropping your images that take every moment to focus in every edge of the image, by just click on the intelligent refinement tools. Below are example of the refinement tools in the latest Adobe Photoshop CS5. As you can see that every hair of the man is crop nicely without any changes to the previous picture.

Getting the perfect edge with the refinement tool

Content Aware Fill

Changing the position of a figure in a photo to the other side or angle of the photo is always giving you some trouble in filling the blank background of the picture. Now, with the upgraded Adobe Photoshop CS5, filling the blank background will never cause you any problem anymore of the Adobe have announce on their new Content Aware Fill technology that could recognize the background by its own, and automatically fill on the missing background when you click on. Just with one simple click on the Content Aware Fill then in seconds your self-filled background in there. Just one thing you have to do is refine the edge of the pictures as it left just some tiny treat on the edge of the deleted pictures. Content Aware Fill will give you sensational satisfaction without any frustration. Believe me!! I’ve try on the Adobe Photoshop CS5 on the Content Aware Fill, and now is your turn! Below are example of the works on demolished the boat and automatically the background is filled by the Content Aware Fill.


Content Aware Fill effect

3D Images and Texts on Adobe Photoshop CS5

Before this you have to use Adobe illustrator then get back into the Adobe Photoshop to have on a really nice touch up on 3D images and texts, but now Adobe have make life simple to you! All in your new Adobe Photoshop CS5. Adobe have decide to introduce on the 3D images and texts so users could experience the world of three dimension graphics. Just a simple click Repousse on 3D at the top of your screen, then you will experience in the nice 3D images and texts. You could choose on the texture and material of the 3D images and texts in the Repousse even you could twist and rotate the 3D images and texts. The Repousse dashboard will give you a lot of choices on everything you need to make your 3D images and texts! Below is the dashboard of the Repousse Dashboard.

Repousse Dashboard


Superior HDR Imaging

The new Superior HDR Imaging in the latest version Adobe Photoshop CS5 give you the sensational of the DSLR Camera within your normal digital camera. The Superior HDR Imaging could automatically ghost removal and alter your picture into the best image ever as you wish as you could control all the accuracy of the lightning effects. You will have avery quality pictures just by some touch up by the Superior HDR Imaging. The lightning effect on Superior HDR Imaging gives you the real impression on the creativity of the art and design. The effect will brought you into the new dimension of graphic and animation of the virtual world.

image of superior HDR imaging

Comment from the editor.

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The Adobe Photoshop CS5 will never disappoint for those who loves in image editing. You will feel the sensational and satisfaction as you will visualized your dream pictures just in a moment. With all the new tools and effects added in the Adobe Photoshop, you will realize how different the performance of the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CS5. You will never regret! There are both for mac and windows user to use this application that almost every one have it on their computer. If you would like to compare to the Adobe Photoshop CS4, then this latest version of Adobe Photoshop is far much more better than you expected. It will value your time and make you easier to edit your pictures like a professional just with a simple click on the tools. Have it right now and experience the perfection.



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