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Why They Produce DeconGel?


DeconGel Bottle

The world is threatened with varios natural phenomena and we can’t expect anything that happens. The earth is to old to hold on every destruction we did everyday in our daily life. Nowadays, human just realize how important to preserve and conserve our earth. On March 11, 2011 the super earthquake shocked the world that almost banish Japan. Explode the nuclear energy sources that almost retard the Japan economics and harm all Japanese health. Nothing could not expected to happen. Now all the state governments are preparing to face these natural phenomena by finding some solutions and back up to reduce the number of life killed and reduce the destruction by the natural phenomena.

Recently CBI Polymers, LLC which is the leader in invent, manufacturing and distributing products that are environmentally friendly and safe has produce a product called DeconGel that work extremely on virtually any surface such as steel, painted or unpainted wood, concrete, aluminum, Plexiglas, tile and grout, linoleum and much more. DeconGel is now helping hazamat crews in Japan to clean up the polluted area that affected by the radioactive substance from the Nuclear Power Plan.

How Does DeconGel Works?

DeconGel in action

DeconGel is very safe to use and eco-friendly as it do not harm both the environment and the living things. It is easily used as it can be either painted or sprayed onto the polluted area, including pores and cracks. DeconGel do not produces any odor or fumes like the others decontamination, so using the respirators while using DeconGel may not be compulsory. Using the DeconGel is very easy as you don’t need a large scale of workers to do all this process such as scrubbing that needed many energy because the process is very simple. Just by painting or spraying, then left for some hours and peel it off from the surface of the contaminated area as. Don’t worry to mix the mixture with water because you don’t have to do that! Peeling the DeconGel is also take avery short period of time and very easy to take it out.


How Effective DeconGel?

Peeling off DeconGel

In the first half, actually DeconGel is initially developed for the U.S Air Force for air sampling. Although it is widely used in the U.S Government, DeconGel capability and strength has a promising commercial product to be expending worldwide. DeconGel then spread on to be used at Nuclear Power Plant and now, it is widely used in Japan to recover and clean up the country from the radioactive waste.  The product was tested on several condition and was proven effective on decontaminate commercial nuclear power plants, decommissioning and decontamination sites, chemical and radiological deposits and spills in manufacturing, nuclear medicine deposits, crime scene cleanup, petroleum facilities and meth lab decontamination.

It is clearly proven that the DeconGel have it’s own potential in contaminate chemical and radioactive substance that help to maintain the sustainability of countries is pertaining danger and risk that the country held. There are a lot of researches to be done on DeconGel to discover and reveal the secret of the polymer. Maybe in the future the DeconGelcould be used in more varies condition and could decrease the danger of radioactive substance.




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