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Graphic design is a field that deals with creativity and technology. A field that is used every time and everywhere in our life. From the time you step out of your room until you step in of your class. Everything is about graphic design. As you reached the lift, you will see buttons that show up and down, this is considered as graphic design. Then you walk your way to the class and you see road signage, this is also considered as graphic design. Likewise, when you are searching for your classroom number on the door signage, this is also graphic design. It is everywhere in your life.

Graphic Design

Graphic design usually is associated with posters, logos, advertisements, signage, packaging, and books covers. This is the field that colors you world and makes your world more interesting. This field too, will help you to make your life easier. Instead of reading long instructions, Graphic Design helps to visualize the instruction in a proper form. Graphic Design also deals with psychological thinking of the human beings. For example, when you see a red signage on the road, your eye will consciously focus on the signage, but if they put a green or blue signage, your eye will tend miss it. This is how Graphic Design deals with the human psychology. Putting the right thing at the right spot.

Since graphic design is a field of design that associate a lot with the human psychology and how the brain works, it is e right thing for the book publication company to apply graphic design to books. Have you encountered reading a book that make you really bored with it after reading it a while? This is because of two factor, either the storyline is too boring for the readers to read, or the arrangement of the letters, the font that is use in the book, the spacing between each line and the ability for you to differentiate the next line after reading a line of words. This is also what graphic design all about, to make sure that the arrangement of millions of words could easily read by the reader. It is not only applicable to books but also newspapers, magazines and flyers too.

In the past, graphic design has always been useful for propaganda purposes. Hitler used a lot of posters to convince the Germans for supporting him; Japanese soldiers used propaganda poster to convince the Asia to let them took charge over the Europe. These were how graphic design brings huge influences to the society and the people of the world. With a simple poster could lead to huge support to a nation or leader. With this simple poster they could recruit millions of soldiers to fight with them. This is the role of graphic design in influencing people and portraying ideas.

Graphic design is considered an art. In universities, graphic design is clustered in the department of arts and architecture. Since graphic design is considered as an art, there are some basic rules you have to know about art. Graphic design is playing with typographic, arrangement, color, creativity and pictures in order to produce one perfect piece of graphic design. Graphic design is the field that arranges things properly and nicely. You need an appropriate color on the right place, suitable typographic for the right poster, proper arrangement for a specific message; this is what graphic designers do.

Besides, graphic design is widely used for the advertisers, marketers and even the politicians. This is ranged from selling products, expressing ideas and message, spreading propaganda to conveying manifesto. An advertiser needs a proper poster for its client products. So they need to hire a good graphic designer in order to use the right color, the right typography, the right arrangement of pictures and the right message in order to produce a great poster. A politician needs to convince their audience in order to get votes from them. So he has to hire a graphic designer to produce the best logo and poster that associate with his or her manifesto. Without a proper logo and poster, the politician manifesto could not psychologically influence the audience. That is how graphic design works.

Based on AIGA’s definition, graphic design is a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas (Helmer Poggenpohl, 1993). In other words, graphic design is all about what we see and what we read on our daily life. Graphic design helps you to be informed with medium creatively and easily, so that the message could be consume for the viewers without taking a lot of time.




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