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Introduction to The Lithium-Air as a Green Energy



Before this I wrote on about the green highway that reduce the pollution by reducing the consume of the green house effect gasses by the vehicles but do not explain clearly on how the vehicles work. This post I will explain on the lithium-air (Li-air) vehicles battery that is lightweight and could replace the used of gasoline in car. Latium-air could consume lots of energy that have the same density as gasoline. Research on the lithium battery found out that  they can power a vehicles up to 500 miles on a single charge. Most probably, this lithium-air will change the world by improving the environment and cost of living as the the lithium-air will be cheaper source and environmental friendly energy.

How Lithium-Air Works?

Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle

The batteries consist of a lithium electrode and a porous carbon cathode. The lithium-air battery allows oxygen to react with lithium during electrical discharge to produce lithium peroxide, and during charging the action is reversed to release the oxygen. The oxygen can flow in freely in and out by the opened end of the battery casing. Like the previous engine chasis, the lithium-air battery will has to undergoes lots of experiments to consider it as a relevant solution for the previous engine and is Lithium-Air practically sufficient and efficient replacement. Besides, the research would like to find a better improvement in the battery to express its best possible power for to double the energy and efficiency. There wil be a lot of obstacle to be faced by the researches as they found best result with pure oxygen, which can limits the battery’s supply of air, causing it stop working. Besides, the current Lithium-air prototype can only be charged for 50 times while for a commercial value it need the the capacity to charge more them 300 times.

Some individual views Lithium-Air Battery as something that is not realistic. But other perspective will view this thing as a new breath to the green and environmental friendly future. Lithium-Air Battery indeed is possible to be expand. Although the recent research shows that the Lithium-Air Battery is still fragile and less efficient, with a great investment on the invention of the Lithium-Air Battery will improve a lot and prove that it will be the best solution in the future in creating environmental friendly atmosphere. Thus nothing impossible as there are some will to move forward. We hope for the best replacement for a brighter future.







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