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_DSC0105Being a tech noob myself, I can’t really talk about gadgets that much. I do know some. I know enough to fix minor software problems and that’s basically it. I’d say I’m intermediate user, so here’s my personal experience with the gadget I’ve used so far – an iPhone.


Before that, let me briefly introduce a background of myself – which totally make sense to this whole review thing – just an additional info to point out that I’m just like most of you are, and with Google as my best friend for the past five years, I do know a bit. Excuse my ramblings. So I was born in a family that saves a lot. A LOT. Which also means, we only buy things we only NEED. As a five-year-old girl – I’m talking about 15 years ago – I think a Tarzan tape was a need. Like, WHO DOESN’T WATCH TARZAN, YOU TELL ME!


Astaghfirullah, most of the third world country kids never even seen a TV, what was I thinking. Okay sorry, that was my five-year-old self that’s talking.


Back to my parents, they took at least a year to buy 29-inch tube TV, two years to buy a whole set of Hi-Fi (Google, if you never heard of it), five years to install Astro to our TV, and my dad’s first smartphone was when his company that he’s working with decided to give free Blackberrys to some of their workers, I guess that one is based on work performance or rank. I don’t know. That’s just my dad, and don’t make me start on my mom. I’m not complaining, wallahi, I’m just explaining. In fact I’m so thankful to have parents like them. I take after them, really. I’m financially stabled Alhamdulillah. I even have some savings, just enough to get married next summer. Eh. Just kidding. But Amiin.


Alhamdulillah, Allah still gave me the nikmat of using some of the gadgets I’ve been dreaming of; though it came a little late than most of friends my age, I’m still thankful. Allah is the best planner, isn’t He?


IPhone, Part One. (Finally, I’m writing the REAL thing. Well, I hope!)


I LOVE how it fits my tiny palm perfectly. The thickness is just nice so I won’t just accidentally drop it especially when I was walking. At least I would feel like I’m holding a real thing. I’m so sorry, but a bigger screen and a thinner body just made me feel that the whole thing artificial and fragile (I’ve used a Galaxy Note II before). It tires my palm and fingers too! I always have this imagination of sitting on my thin phone (if I have one), and it’ll get cracked into two. For a clumsy person like me, iphone seems like a better option, besides black and white Nokia.


Who had Nokia as their first ever phone?? (ME!!) It was butterfly Nokia – so it is called – or Nokia 8250, the official name. I always wonder why they put numbers as their product name, so not consumer-friendly. It was my mom’s phone but she gave it to me when I was in my first year in high school, and I hadn’t call for a week. It was a boarding school btw. So she was like, “AHA! I gave you this phone so call me and report everything to me!”


How the high school story gets mention in this article again? Urgh. I think I have ADHD. Google told me that. I definitely have the symptoms.


So iphone Part Two: how simple and stylish the interface is. Okay this one is solely a personal opinion. I don’t know it started, but I for some weird reasons become really suffocated with complicated stuffs in my phone. I really dislike (because word ‘hate’ is too strong) the customized themes and fonts and wallpaper and many others that other brands has to offer. I want things become simple, so my mind would be at peace. LOL. IPhone, as many of you know, has that only interface and I loved it (still am), unless you jail-breaked it of course. It’s so organized in fact, and I won’t be wasting my time downloading different themes and fonts and end up stressed out cause it turned out to be not what I imagined it to be.


IPhone Part Three: APPLICATIONS. I don’t know, maybe I’m a bit biased but for no solid reason, I always think IOS apps are at least a standard higher than Android’s. They might me the same Whatsapp application, or Skype, or Facebook, or Camera 360, but since they’re on IOS, they are better than Android’s Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook and Camera 360. And producers seem to release apps for IOS first, then Android (if you guys are lucky enough that they even think of doing one for you), so yeah we’re more up-to-date. Mind you, Instagram took 18 months gap to release Android version of their app. I wonder why….. We shall not go further on Windows and Blackberry OS. Oh and the latest news I stumbled upon is about Blackberry will be releasing BBM to iphone and Android users. Eh why?


I do not own a camera, been planning to but still no – told ya I take after my parents! My phone is basically my everything (almost). Yup I know some said HTC’s camera is stunning, but gurlll, they only deepened the color! Why am I imagining that I spoke in southern accent? The rest is almost the same, I can use it to capture my Kodak moments, send my family some videos, I have what I need. The fact that my phone provides an 8-megapixel camera with the capability of HD (1080p) video recording up to 30 frames per second, that’s good enough. That’s like half of the camera I’ve been eyeing for ages. Not that I’m complaining. Haha.


This is it! MY LAST PARAGRAPH! Well, a mountain of thank yous to you if you managed to read to up until here, this is my first review ever so I’m quite nervous. Providing the top four reasons why I love my iPhone and would choose it over any kind of phones out there, I hope you enjoyed reading. My duty is done for now, I bid all of you, Ramadhan Kareem and Salaam!

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